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Introduction to soft capsule
Soft capsules have been increasingly used in various drugs, health nutrition foods and cosmetics. It is a sealed closed body with a mainly liquid interior, and its shell is a capsule shell containing gelatin and glycerol, which has a certain strength and toughness. Soft capsule is an oil liquid, suspension, paste or powder that is quantitatively pressed and encapsulated in the capsule shell to form a sealed soft capsule of different sizes and shapes.
Different from the two-step production method of hard capsules, which first forms two capsule shells and then fills them, soft capsules are formed and sealed by rotating molds, which is a continuous one-step operation. The rubber rubber made of gelatin and glycerin is formed through the mold cavity on the mold through two continuous rotating molds. The capsule size and shape are determined by the mold cavity. The rubber rubber is closed while the product is filled into the cavity, and the filling is finished just before the sealing.
After the soft capsule is made, it should generally be first put into the rotary cage dryer for drying and shaping, and then cleaned and finally dried. After inspection, into the packaging storage program.

The Main Advantages Of Soft Capsules

1. The appearance is clean and beautiful. Compared with tablets, it also has the advantages of rapid disintegration, high bioavailability, easy to swallow, easy to store and carry.
2. Can cover up the uncomfortable taste of the drug.
3. Can be made into quick effect, sustained release, enteric-soluble, boundary soluble soft capsules.
4. Drugs with high oil content in the dosage form that are not easy to be made into tablets or pills can be made into soft capsules, or the dosage of the main drug is small, difficult to dissolve in water, and not easy to absorb in the digestive tract, can be dissolved in appropriate oil and then made into soft capsules.
5. Drugs that are sensitive to light and unstable can be filled in light-tight capsules to prevent the effect of moisture or oxygen in the air and light on the drug and improve its stability.
6. due to the complete sealing, its contents are not easy to be destroyed, with anti-counterfeiting function.
7. can be made into health care products, cosmetics and simulated shooting with paintball (paintball).

Main Disadvantages

1. The aqueous solution or dilute alcohol solution of the drug can dissolve the gelatin and cannot be made into soft capsules.
2. It is easy to decompose under high temperature.


Beijing Sinagel Technology Development Co., Ltd. has a strong R & D strength and patented technology, focusing on scientific and technological innovation in the field of soft capsules. We focus on excellence, innovation infinite concept, and strive to build soft capsule machine and its soft capsule supporting production equipment, our flagship product - soft capsule machine, is a breakthrough innovation in medical equipment manufacturing, has obtained a number of national patent certification. This patented technology gives the soft capsule machine the following unique advantages:

1. The soft capsule machine adopts the ceramic pump rod component for the feed pump, which makes the function of the soft capsule machine more powerful and breaks the restriction of the traditional competitive products using metal material in the feed pump.

2. Through a unique technology of automatic control and adjustment of gelatin thickness, soft capsule machine can realize the automatic adjustment of rubber thickness through touch screen, solving the problem of manual adjustment of rubber, and similar products can not be matched.

Not only that, Beijing Sinagel Technology Development Co., Ltd. in the process of research and development, but also obtained a number of other patents. These patents cover a variety of important areas from related technology/machinery manufacturing/design, further consolidating our leading position in the industry.
We believe that these patents will create significant competitive advantage and value for our partners and customers. We look forward to working with you to create a better future and let scientific and technological innovation change life.
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