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The 61st (autumn 2021) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo Opened in Chengdu Exhibition Center

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The 61st (autumn 2021) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo Opened in Chengdu Exhibition Center

On November 2, 2021, the 61st (autumn 2021) National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo opened in Chengdu Exhibition Center. Major enterprises with new products landed, to the audience and the media to show the company's research results. The expo gathered many exhibitors and industry media from many countries and regions in the world. Purchasing groups and professional visitors from all over the country and abroad have come to visit, many leaders and experts have also arrived to discuss the new direction and new trend of the future development of pharmaceutical machinery industry in our country, and the continuous innovation of many domestic enterprises.

The exhibition team of China Pharmaceutical Machinery and Equipment network also showed up at the expo to report the exhibitors. Beijing Sinagel Technology Development Co., Ltd. exhibited the exhibition, and brought part of the exhibition products. The exhibition Beijing Sinagel obtained a huge harvest, the booth on the flow of people, to consult the customers of Beijing Sinagel products have shown great interest.

Beijing Sinagel Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional entity producing soft capsule production line equipment, solid dripping pill production line equipment and other medicine machine equipment and automatic computer car washing equipment. The company relies on the continuous exploration, research and application of technology to develop and expand itself. The company has a high intelligence, high quality of technical personnel and staff, aiming to establish and maintain a in line with the market needs of the workforce system; Committed to the development of China's automation machinery and equipment, the application of scientific management and modern business strategy, high level technology and equipment to actively participate in domestic and market competition; The PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN DOMESTIC VARIOUS PROVINCES AND CITIES, FAVORED BY THE majority of users, Sinagel COMPANY ALL STAFF WILL TAKE a NEW LOOK, AND the majority of customers HAND IN HAND to contribute to THE industry OF OUR COUNTRY! The quality policy regards the quality as the eternal theme of the enterprise, pursues the quality policy, establishes the user's thought, ensures the service requirement, advocates the reputation concept, gives the good product to the user, satisfies the enterprise, benefits the society with the confidence, the high technology and the competitiveness, realizes "the innovation enterprise, the innovation product, the innovation service". Quality goal Quality first, with good products to meet the challenges of domestic and world peers; In the increasingly fierce market competition, unique, customer first, dedication to the better, so that we have the future.

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Was established in January 4, 1998, set research and development, production, sales and service in one, specializing in soft capsule equipment for 24 years.



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