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Automatic soft capsule Encapsulator

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Main Features Of Soft capsule production

High-speed production capacity: The equipment design allows high-speed operation, and the mold cavity speed can be up to 6 RPM, which significantly improves production efficiency.

Precision control: The servo motor control technology ensures the accuracy and stability of the machine operation and reduces the error in the production process.

Alignment free design: The left and right spindle mold adopts alignment free design, which simplifies the mold replacement process and improves production efficiency.

Automatic operation: The equipment is equipped with advanced touch screen operation interface, which makes the adjustment of injection time, injection amount and other parameters more convenient.

Formula storage function: The program has built-in formula storage function, which facilitates the production switching of different products and improves the flexibility of production.

Micro-lubrication technology: The use of micro-lubrication technology, reduce the need for soft capsule cleaning, improve production efficiency.

Temperature control: Equipped with forced cold air design, effectively control the temperature of soft capsules in the production process, to ensure product quality.

Humanized design: the electric lifting mechanism can be stopped at any position according to the need, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Intelligent control system: The use of Germany Siemens PLC and touch screen to ensure the stability and durability of the control system.

Fully automatic soft capsule Encapsulator



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