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Soft Capsule High Speed Sorting Machine

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  • JWJ-II

Soft Capsule High Speed Sorting Machine

The machine is mainly composed of a vibrator assembly, disc distribution system, chain drive part, display screen, electric control box assembly, camera box assembly, scrap box car, charging device, visual system, electronic control system, ejection system, etc. This sophisticated setup makes it an ideal soft gel capsule machine for modern production needs.

Process  operation of capsule sorting machine

The operation process of the soft gel capsule machine is intricate and precise. The soft capsules are transmitted to the disc distributor through the vibrator. The soft gel capsule making machine distributor regularly releases the soft capsules on the chain. When the soft capsule passes through the camera, the camera takes photos of the soft capsules, and the coordinates of the unqualified soft capsules are tracked by software comparison. This is a critical function of the capsule sorting machine, ensuring only high-quality capsules proceed.

As the process continues, the catapult mechanism within the soft gel capsule making machine removes the unqualified soft capsules, directing them into the waste box. This automatic ejection system is a testament to the efficiency of the soft gel capsule machine. Meanwhile, the qualified soft capsules continue to enter the charging device, ready for the next phase of production.

The soft gel capsule making machine integrates advanced technology to streamline production. Its visual system and electronic control system work in harmony to maintain quality control. The camera box assembly plays a pivotal role, capturing images of each capsule to ensure accuracy.

Advanced Features of capsule sorting machine

One of the standout features of this soft gel capsule machine is its chain drive part, which guarantees smooth and consistent operation. The display screen and electric control box assembly provide users with intuitive control over the entire process. Additionally, the vibrator assembly ensures that capsules are evenly distributed to the disc distributor.

The capsule sorting machine component is essential for maintaining the high standards required in capsule production. By efficiently removing defective capsules, the machine ensures that only the best products reach the consumer. This not only improves the quality but also enhances the reputation of the manufacturing brand.

In conclusion, the combination of the soft gel capsule machine and capsule sorting machine ensures a seamless, efficient, and high-quality production process. Each part of the machine, from the visual system to the ejection system, works together to produce superior soft gel capsules. Whether you are looking to produce in small batches or large quantities, this soft gel capsule making machine is designed to meet all your production needs with precision and reliability.

Soft Capsule High Speed Sorting Machine



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