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Intelligent Gelatin Melting System

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Full Automatic Gelatin Melting System

The gluing process is an important part of the production process of soft capsules. The quality of the gluing and the efficiency of the gluing directly affect the quality of the soft capsules and the production efficiency of the soft capsule workshop. The traditional gluing process is all artificial gluing by the gluing workers according to their own experience. This seriously affects the quality of soft capsule products in the later period. In addition, in the process of rubber powder feeding, vacuum removal of bubbles, etc., workers need to participate directly, not only the quality of the glue is difficult to ensure, the labor intensity of workers is very high, and the labor efficiency is very low.

Advantages of automatic intelligent glue system

(1) Automatic gluing process, through the touch screen and PLC computer control, can achieve automatic water, automatic gluing powder, automatic glycerin pigment, automatic weighing, automatic mixing, automatic heating, automatic vacuum, automatic cleaning and other processes. Improve the quality of glue, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the labor efficiency.

(2) Due to the use of touch screen and PLC computer control, according to different soft capsule products, the computer will glue ratio and all the temperature, time and other process parameters of the process in the way of formula stored in the computer, can be used at any time, automatic operation, so that the glue process is simple and efficient.

Intelligent Gelatin Melting System



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