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Soft Capsule Production And Drying soft capsule

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YWJ250-IIIA automatic high speed servo soft capsule machine Advantages:

Integration of the latest technology: Combining soft capsule packaging experience and the latest packaging engineering technology, to provide efficient and stable production performance.

Low noise and stable operation: high-speed operation and precision control technology are used to reduce noise and improve stability during machine operation.

Energy saving and reducing maintenance costs: The design focuses on energy saving and reducing maintenance costs, improving the efficiency of the machine.

Advanced motor control: Advanced servo motor control technology is applied to improve the speed and accuracy of the machine.

Alignment free design: The left and right spindle mold adopts alignment free design, which simplifies the mold replacement process and improves the ease of operation.

Automation function: With automatic measurement and control system, reduce the need for manual adjustment, improve production efficiency.

Temperature control: water cooling and air cooling methods are adopted to avoid the problem of rubber condensation under high temperature and humidity environment, and improve the molding quality of soft capsules.

SGJ-I soft capsule double layer rotary cage dryer Advantages:

Improved drying efficiency: The design incorporates the characteristics of the soft capsule drying process to provide a more uniform and rapid drying effect.

Easy to operate: the rotary cage design is easy to manually disassemble and assemble, reducing the labor intensity of workers' installation and disassembly.

Uniform drying, non-adhesion: the capsule is not easy to adhere during the drying process, ensuring the quality and appearance of the capsule after drying.

Excellent working environment: The machine design helps maintain a comfortable and pollution-free working environment.

GMP standard material: The parts in contact with the softgel are made of stainless steel in accordance with GMP requirements to ensure the health and safety of the product.

Energy-saving design: Multi-layer structure saves space and improves energy efficiency.

Advanced control system: equipped with advanced air supply system, rotary drive system and electronic control automatic control system to ensure the simplicity of operation and the stability of the machine.

These advantages show the high efficiency, ease of use and guarantee of product quality of the two devices in the softgel production process.



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