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Intelligent Double Layer Dehumidification Rotary Cage Dryer

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  • SGL70-I

Intelligent double layer dehumidification rotary cage dryer

SGL70-I type soft capsule double-layer rotary cage dryer is a soft capsule supporting equipment developed by our company according to the market demand and the integration of the company's years of soft capsule drying experience. The machine has dehumidification, drying and other functions; The machine can make the soft capsule drying time is shorter, the appearance quality is higher and more beautiful. The machine has the following characteristics:

(1) The large dehumidification function makes the minimum humidity inside the rotating cage controlled within 8%, which greatly shortens the drying time; The refrigeration unit can make the temperature of the whole cage controllable, which can ensure that different types of capsules need different temperatures for drying; Large air volume fan can make the inside of the rotary cage The number of air volume cycles is greatly improved.

(2) All covering parts and capsule contact parts are made of stainless steel conforming to GMP requirements.

Process of operation The capsule produced by the soft capsule machine enters the first section of the cage through the high-pressure air supply system and reaches the set value After time, turn in turn into the next section. The temperature and humidity in each section of the cage are controlled by the refrigerator and the dehumidifier. Two centrifugal fans in each section and the fan in the dehumidifier form an air circulation system to take away the water in the soft capsule skin. The control system is divided into automatic control and manual control, and the important parameters can be adjusted manually.

Intelligent Double Layer Dehumidification Rotary Cage Dryer



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