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Automatic Intelligent Soft Capsule Encapsulator

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  • YWJ250-II

Main Features Of Soft Capsule Encapsulator

High degree of automation: The equipment realizes the fully automated production process from capsule molding to packaging, reducing manual intervention and improving production efficiency.

Stability: The design focuses on stability, ensuring the reliability of the equipment during long-term operation and the consistency of the capsule product.

Advanced technology: The use of advanced technology, such as PLC control and touch screen operation interface, making the equipment easy to operate, easy to monitor and adjust production parameters.

Modular design: The design of the equipment allows for rapid change of molds and adjustment of the production line to adapt to different sizes and shapes of softgel production.

Precise control: With accurate filling control function, to ensure the accuracy of the capsule filling, meet the GMP standard.

Energy saving and environmental protection: The equipment design considers energy efficiency and adopts energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption in the production process.

Easy maintenance: The structure is designed to facilitate routine maintenance and cleaning, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Automatic Intelligent Soft Capsule Encapsulator



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