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Automatic Servo Soft Capsule Sealing Machine

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  • YWJ250-IIIA

YWJ250-IIIA Automatic Servo Soft Capsule Sealing Machine equipment overview

YWJ250-IIIA automatic soft capsule machine is a pharmaceutical equipment with cutting-edge servo motor technology, designed to meet the high efficiency and high precision requirements of the modern pharmaceutical industry for soft capsule production. The equipment combines Xinhangcheng Technology's years of industry experience and user feedback, and is committed to providing stable and reliable production solutions

Servo motor drive: The equipment is equipped with high-performance servo motors to ensure precise control and fast response in the production process, significantly improving the level of automation and production efficiency of the production line.

Intelligent operation interface: Equipped with advanced PLC control system and user-friendly touch screen interface, making the operation of the equipment more intuitive and simple, and the adjustment of production parameters more flexible.

Precision dose control: Through the precise control of the servo motor, the equipment can realize the precise dose control of the capsule filling, to ensure that the product quality meets the GMP standard.

Energy-saving design concept: While ensuring production efficiency, equipment design focuses on energy efficiency and adopts a series of energy-saving measures to reduce production costs.

Modular construction: The modular design concept allows for rapid replacement of molds and components to adapt to the production of different specifications of softgel capsules, improving the flexibility of production.

Ease of maintenance: The equipment is designed with ease of maintenance in mind, and key components are easy to access and replace, simplifying daily maintenance work.



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