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Minor Fully Automatic Soft Capsule Encapsulator

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  • YWJ100-II

YWJ100-II small automatic soft capsule machine

YWJ100-II automatic soft capsule machine is our company combined with soft capsule production technology and production characteristics, on the basis of the original YWJ100-II model in accordance with GMP requirements of the new laboratory products. The whole equipment is simple and practical, mainly used for laboratory and pharmaceutical research unit soft bag product development or small batch production.

The whole set of YWJ100-II type automatic soft capsule machine is simple and practical, covers an area of small, including: a host, control system, water cooling system, micro-lubrication system, a drying machine, a set of mold, and a HJG100-I type of ground glue supply tank supporting it. The whole set of equipment materials exquisite. All comply with GMP requirements, suitable for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.


Drying Machine

The dryer consists of 2 rotary cages and 2 typhoon units. The steering of the rotating cage can be adjusted so that the capsule is left in the rotating cage to dry or discharged from the rotating cage. The dryer is mainly used for shaping and drying in the production of soft capsules.

Minor Fully Automatic Soft Capsule Encapsulator

Control System

The control system is the control center of the soft capsule machine, the equipment adopts PLC touch screen control technology, reliable operation, simple operation, accurate control.

HJG100-I type ground glue supply tank

Uses And Features

1.1 The temperaturecontrolled ground gluing supply tank is mainly used in combination with the experimental soft cavity capsule machine to provide the liquid necessary for pressing soft capsules

1.2 This tank adopts closed three-layer structure, electric heating type temperature control type heating, mixing using multi-layer split blade operation, the melt liquid using air source supercharged upper part feeding, and its melt liquid and plane glue supply double function, widely used in laboratory less quantitative glue and glue liquid color mixing or small soft capsule press machine, dropping pill machine supporting use. It has the characteristics of smooth transmission, flexible push, convenient operation, safe and reliable work.

Minor Fully Automatic Soft Capsule Encapsulator



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