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Soft Capsule Three-layer Rotary Cage Dryer

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  • SGS-I

Soft Capsule Three-layer Rotary Cage Dryer

The SGS-I three-layer rotary cage dryer uses an innovative three-layer rotary cage construction designed to provide a more efficient and uniform drying effect while reducing energy consumption and increasing production efficiency. The equipment is suitable for soft capsules of all sizes, especially in production environments where high drying quality is required.

Three-layer rotating cage design: The unique three-layer rotating cage structure provides a larger drying surface area, speeding up the drying speed, while ensuring uniform heat in the soft capsule drying process.

Optimized air flow organization: The air flow organization inside the equipment is optimized to ensure full contact between the hot air and the soft capsule, and improve the drying efficiency.

Intelligent temperature and humidity control: Built-in high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, with intelligent control system, can monitor and adjust the environment in the drying room in real time to ensure the best drying conditions for soft capsules.

Energy saving and high efficiency: Through precise heat exchange and air volume control, the equipment can effectively reduce energy consumption while ensuring the drying effect.

Easy operation and maintenance: The operation interface of the device is intuitive, easy to learn and operate, and the maintenance point is easy to access, simplifying daily maintenance work.



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